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The Ukrainian International Airlines is canceling the PS1118 Kyiv-London flight due to a ban issued by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine.

The flight was scheduled to depart on April 29th, 12:40pm, in order to deliver Ukrainian workers having a long-term contract with their employers in the UK. The charter was organized at the request of the employer, who took measures in advance to secure long-term contracts with their Ukrainian employees. Under these conditions, Ukrainians might be legally employed in the UK. Thus, this category of citizens imposes no risks for the Ukrainian side. These citizens will not need evacuation any time soon.

The flight was canceled due to a ban issued by the Aviation Service of Ukraine, which UIA received two hours prior the scheduled departure time. No explanations were given, as well as any reference to regulatory documents. At the same time, the carrier company timely submitted all the necessary documents and expected to receive permits within a reasonable period of time.

The passengers, residents of different regions of Ukraine who reached the aviation hub in the absence of any regular ground transportation service, are currently staying at the premises of Boryspil International Airport.

"Of course, we have heard the yesterday’s media statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine concerning "the illogical nature of sending Ukrainian labour force abroad during the pandemic”, as well as that “the Government is ready to constructively reconsider its position”, - said UIA’s Director of Communications Yevheniia Satska.

“However, by the morning of April 29th, no official instructions have been received from the authorities regarding this case. At present, the company will try to obtain permits in order to operate the flight and deliver Ukrainians to the UK, so that they would be able to find employment and provide their families with livelihoods”.

The mission of any airline company is to ensure safety of flights and to deliver people to destination points of their choice. At the moment, UIA is not only deprived of its main activity due to nationwide lockdown, but also forced into the condition of stalemate between Government's political statements and official regulation provisions.