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In the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, Ukrainian doctors are doing a pivotal job. Every day they struggle to save the lives of others by putting at risk their own. According to the official data provided by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the number of cases among medical staff is going up drastically, which means they desperately need our helping hand.

One of the most prominent Ukrainian music bands BEZ OBMEZHEN’ teamed up with Ukrainian International Airlines, Boryspil International Airport and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange in order to raise funds to support our medics in their fight against the pandemic. On May 8th, one of repair hangars at country's major air gates will transform into an improvised stage, capable of providing musicians with safe social distance. Watch the live act from home, scheduled to start at 7:30pm and broadcasted through the official Facebook pages of the band, UIA and Boryspil Airport.

The band’s frontman, Serhii Tanchynets, decided to celebrate his own upcoming birthday in this unusual way.

“Supported by our friends at UIA, our band came with an idea of running a charity concert at the premises of Boryspil Airport. It is symbolic that the act will take place on my birthday and the greatest gift for me will be sharing our music and emotions, even online. We are now doing our best to prepare the most stunning and memorable show. I expect our every fan to join us at our Facebook page, where the concert will be broadcasted live on May 8th, 7:30pm", - says Serhii.

After the concert, the Ukrainian Charity Exchange will use the raised money to purchase and deliver medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals. The mission of the organizing team is to help and support doctors, those who endanger themselves and risk their health, in their noble struggle to save ours.

The first charity contributions on this initiative have already been made by UIA and Boryspil Airport top managers – Yevhenii Dykhne, Heorhii Zubko and Pavlo Riabikin.

"Present-day realities are that of a real battlefield for Ukrainian medics. I am grateful to the musicians for coming up with such an extraordinary initiative - to use our premises as a charity concert main stage. Today, even the smallest donation is much more impactful than just compassion", - Heorhii Zubko, Boryspil Airport Commercial Director, commented on the initiative.

You can contribute right now using the Ukrainian Charity Exchange website:

Join us on this noble cause!

"As the coronavirus pandemic is rampant worldwide, people are hoping for a miracle. They pray for better and happier days to return. We are all tired of isolating ourselves. But as we all know, the greatest silence comes before the storm. So let’s stop wasting our time hoping the decease won't affect us, but instead use these days to prepare and protect those who are capable of saving all of us - our medics. Our common goal is to raise funds for medical supplies and equipment. Right now the statistics are terrible - almost every fourth person infected with COVID-19 is a medical employee. Every penny donated is a saved life! Join and help doctors in their noble mission. Any contribution is important. By working together, we will do more than we can even imagine", - says Iryna Hutsal, Director of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange.