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Ten years ago today, UIA enhanced its fleet with the first Boeing 737 Next Generation and became the first Ukrainian carrier to operate this type of aircraft. The UIA first Next Generation aircraft received the UR-PSA registration number.

By expanding its fleet with Boeing NG, UIA gained a competitive edge in a global marketplace and strengthened its position as a national market leader. Boeing Next Generation aircraft had many significant advantages compared to the previous generation. Thus, fuel costs per unit decreased by 14% compared to Boeing 737-400, by 25% compared to Boeing 737-300, and by 34% compared to Boeing 737-500. The improvement of the fuel consumption rate combined with the increase of the seat capacity ‒ 186 seats ‒ contributed to the reduction of the net cost of passenger seat. Meanwhile, Boeing NG engine reliability allowed increasing operation efficiency and facilitating aircraft maintenance. Consequently, the carrier was provided with the opportunity to reduce ticket fares and offer passengers more beneficial ticket prices.

Over the last decade, UIA has operated 30 Boeing NGs: 26 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and 4 Boeing 737-900 aircraft. 12 aircraft were delivered from the Boeing facilities in Seattle. Early in 2019, the lease agreements for the two first New Generation aircraft expired and they were returned to the lessor. Currently, UIA fleet consists of 28 Boeing NG aircraft with an average age of 9.7 years.

“Over a decade, Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft have proven to be highly reliable machines, – noted Yuri Miroshnikov, UIA President. – We have been operating Boeing aircraft since our airline’s foundation. Today, they prevail in UIA fleet. Regrettably, but due to the tragic accidents in Malaysia and Ethiopia, the delivery of the three ordered new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, scheduled for April 2019, had been postponed indefinitely. Despite these unexpected and uncontrolled circumstances, we intend to continue systematically and consistently implementing our fleet renewal & rejuvenation program.”