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15.11.2021: Ukraine International Airlines strives to give maximum pleasure and comfort when flying to Israel. Now passengers can take advantage of the promotional offer on UIA's own direct and transit flights to Tel Aviv.

You can buy tickets at promotional prices until 30.11.2021 on all Israeli flights of the carrier: from / to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya and Lviv.

In particular, UIA provides the promotion on direct and transit traffic (via Kyiv to the regions of Ukraine) by the following pricing policy for the listed areas (all taxes and fees are included):

  • Kyiv – Tel Aviv from USD 85
    Tel Aviv - Kyiv from USD 108
  • Odesa – Tel Aviv from USD 90
    Tel Aviv – Odesa from USD 108
  • Kharkiv – Tel Aviv from USD 106
    Tel Aviv – Kharkiv from USD 122
  • Dnipro – Tel Aviv from USD 105
    Tel Aviv - Dnipro from USD 122
  • Zaporizhzhya – Tel Aviv from USD 150
    Tel Aviv - Zaporizhzhya from USD 167
    (only transit via Kyiv)
  • Lviv – Tel Aviv from USD 157
    Tel Aviv - Lviv from USD 170
    (only transit via Kyiv)

It should be noted that UIA operates flights to Tel Aviv from Kyiv and regions of Ukraine with increased frequency, which provides passengers with the opportunity to more conveniently plan flights. Namely, flights are operated according to the following schedule:

  • Kyiv - Tel Aviv - Kyiv - daily flights, departures twice a day;
  • Odesa - Tel Aviv - Odesa - flights every Thursday and Saturday;
  • Kharkiv - Tel Aviv - Kharkiv - flights on Monday and Wednesday;
  • Dnipro - Tel Aviv - Dnipro - flights every Tuesday;
  • Zaporizhzhya - Kyiv - Tel Aviv - Kiev - Zaporizhzhya - connection in accordance with the UIA schedule from Kyiv and regional partners flights.
  • Lviv - Kyiv - Tel Aviv - Kyiv - Lviv - connection in accordance with the UIA schedule from Kyiv and regional partners flights.

More details about the flight schedule and ticket prices can be found on the official website of the airline.

The airline continues to closely monitor the epidemiological situation and border crossing rules in each country where it flies. In addition, UIA reminds of its readiness to further resume flights, that is the subject to positive epidemiological indicators and subject to obtaining permits for flights.

UIA strongly recommends to monitor the border crossing rules and carefully read the information about the epidemiological restrictions of a particular country of destination.