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Tourist information

Dear friends!

Before you depart on your triparranged by a tour operator/agentplease read thefollowing recommendationswhich may also be accessed through official websites of Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure, State Aviation Service, State Committee for Civil Service.

Before you enter an Agreement with a tour operatorplease make sure that:

  • your chosen tour operator has a valid license and proper financial support (relevant information is available at the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • both arrival and departure dates are specified in the Agreement;
  • provisions of transfer between airport and hotel (both directions) are clearly stated in the Agreement (if such an option was booked or declared as available);
  • the hotel meets the stated category; that must be clearly stated in the Agreement;
  • cancellation terms and refund conditions are clearly indicated in the Agreement;
  • every tourist from your group has an individual assurance document to receive medical treatment in case of accident or disease;
  • you have a pay bill to prove your expenses for the tour.

Make sure you take the following items with you:

  • a copy of an Agreement with your tour operator/agent;
  • the original insurance document for medical treatment and accident cases;
  • your touring operator/agent contact information;
  • contacts of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission (to the country you are traveling to).

In case the tour operator didn’t provide the declared services* you have the right to apply to the State Committee for Consumer Protection, providing:

  • photo/video proof, a copy of an Agreement with your touring operator/agent;
  • pay bills to prove your expenses and losses.

In case of violation of terms of the license agreement by the tour operator**, you have the right of applying to the Ministry of Economic Development, by providing background documents.

The following actions and conditions are considered as license agreement violations:

Refusal to provide a tourist with:

  • a contract for travel services or a voucher (if the Agreement was concluded by issuing a voucher);
  • a contract of mandatory (medical and accident case) insurance (except for the case of a third-party insurance company being involved);
  • travel documents (tickets, electronic tickets);
  • the Agreements are missing in written form, concluded with tourist or touring agents (if those involved);
  • refusal to print pay bills;
  • a tour operator has no own website;
  • tour operator activities are happening outside of declared and legal sites for such kind of activity;
  • registered labor contracts with employees of the tour operator are missing;
  • less than 30% of tour operator’s employees have the experience and/or education in the field of tourism;
  • tour operator director possesses no documents proving their working experience and/or education in the field of tourism;
  • a copy of a document is missing which confirms the financial security of civil liability of the agent, who’s selling the services of the tour operator;
  • a registry of compulsory insurance (medical and accident case) contracts is missing;
  • a tour operator refuses to provide a statistical report to licensing authorities;
  • the place of tour operator's activity doesn’t comply with the requirements specified by the licensing law.

Passengers' rights in case of boarding denialflight cancellation or long delays can be downloaded here.

* Article 20 of the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism"

**Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 11, 2015 No. 991 "On approval of licensing conditions for tour operator activities"

***Legal requirements for sites of conducting tour operator activities:

  1. An information sign must be present which indicates tour operator’s full name;
  2. A tour operator’s office must have proper computer equipment and software, telephone facilities and Internet access;
  3. there must be a sign present at the office entrance which indicates tour operator’s operation hours;
  4. the following documents must be displayed on an accessible spot at the office:
  • a copy of a document which confirms tour operator’s financial security of civil liability and ability to fulfill the related obligations to a client;
  • information about the director, their assistants (if any) and chief accountant of the company, with telephone numbers (mobile phones if available) and e-mails (if available);
  • book of reviews and suggestions;
  • Law of Ukraine "On Tourism";
  • Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights";
  • licensing conditions for tour operator activity;
  • the location and telephone numbers of the Ministry of Economic Development, local office of the State Committee for Consumer Goods and Consumer Protection.

The voluntary registration service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (registration required) is available for Ukrainian citizens, by this link.