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For passengers with kids

Regulations on leaving the country - for citizens of Ukraine of minor age:

In accordance to the Chapter 2 Regulations on Entering and Leaving Ukraine, minors leave the country with a special travel document, issued for children under 18 (if they are included to a special page in their parents' travel passports). Photo cards of the children are added to parents' travel passports for ones that reached the age of 5.

In accordance to the current legislation, the conditions for children under 16 to leave the country with one of the parents or other person(s), authorized with notarized certification are as follows:

notarized agreement of the second parent, if he/she is not present at the checkpoint. Both destination country and residence timeframe should be specified in the document;

without notarized agreements:

  • the second parent is missing on the checkpoint and there are sufficient testimonies provided of the second parent being a foreigner or a stateless person;
  • the travel documents of one of the parents (or authorized person) - has information inscribed on the departure for permanent residency (or a note on addition to consular registry at a diplomatic mission or consular post abroad);

If the child lives with one parent, he/she must provide an additional document or its notarized copy:

  • the death certificate of the other parent;
  • the court decision for the deprivation of parental rights of the other parent;
  • the court decision on the other parent missing recognition;
  • the court decision on the second parent incapacitated recognition;
  • the court decision on leaving the country of a minor age citizen of Ukraine permission, without the agreement and accompaniment of the other parent;
  • extraction from the State Register civil birth with details about the father, in accordance with Part 1 Statement 135 Family Code of Ukraine (according to the mother’s words).

Leaving to Russian Federation:

As stated in the agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Russian Federation on mutual travels of the citizens, the only mandatory document for minor-aged Ukrainian citizens to cross the Russian Federation border is their birth certificate.

Leaving to the Republic of Belarus:

The document required for minor-aged citizens of Ukraine in order to cross the border of the Republic of Belarus is children's travel document. When a child is leaving with parents, guardians or other representatives, the name of the child should be added to the Ukrainian passport  of the accompanying person.

Travelling alone:

Please specify the possibility for your kids to travel alone, with the representative of your carrier company.

There is an additional transportation fee for minor kids that travel without accompanying persons.

Before letting their children travel without accompanying persons, parents should:

  • Make sure their children have all necessary and valid travel documents;
  • Ensure the presence of at least one their representative as an accompanying person in the airport until the actual departure of the flight;
  • Ensure the presence of at least one their representative to meet their child at the destination airport;
  • Sign a special document to confirm the agreement for their child to travel alone;
  • Cover all the necessary expenses.

In order to issue all the necessary documents for your child's solo trip, please arrive to the airport in advance.