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Passport control

Passengers of international flights are subjects to border checks when entering Ukraine. We kindly ask of all passengers to have valid and sufficient identity proving documents ready for passport control!

The border-crossing regulations of Ukraine and the list of required documents are determined by the international treaties and current legislation of Ukraine.

For citizens of Ukraine, the required documents are as follows:

  • travel passport;
  • diplomatic passport;
  • official passport;
  • children's travel document;
  • sailor's ID card;
  • crew member's ID card.

For citizens of Ukraine, specific documents may also grant the permission to enter or leave the country, if provided by international agreements.

In case of a loss of the abovestated documents, the document to be provided by Ukrainian citizens during border checks is a special certificate, issued by the Ukrainian consulate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During control procedures, authorized personnel have the right to investigate citizens of Ukraine for limiting circumstances. If revealed, those facts and unconformities may be the cause for a temporary rejection of crossing the border.

The administration heavily dissuades all passengers of having extraneous or counterfeit documents while trying to board an international flight, as these attempts will be considered and treated as violation of border regime. The extraneous and illegal documents will be immediately confiscated by border patrols. Border violators are liable in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

When travelling to Ukraine (or leaving/transiting through), foreigners should pass border control with national passports and certain types of visas, if no other valid order is provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Citizens of the countries, which have agreements signed with Ukraine for mutual visafree travels, pass the control with national passports, if no other valid order is provided by the current legislation of Ukraine (for those having a properly arranged and legally certified invitation from residents, either private persons or legal entities). For details, please contact the appointed person in Ukrainian consulates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.

Domestic passports and IDs of foreign countries do not grant permission for their owners to travel to Ukraine.

Residents of Ukraine without citizenship should pass border control with special Certificates (for stateless persons) and appropriate visas.

When making transit travels, foreigners should pass border control with Ukrainian transit visas, appropriate visas of their destination country, also tickets or other sufficient documents proving their intention to make a transit pass, if no other valid order is provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

The estimated transit pass duration (staying time in Ukraine) is a period of time stated in your tickets. If you don't have tickets with you, the estimated time required to cross the country (for your transport of choice) will be considered. In any case, the maximal allowed staying period for transit travels in Ukraine is 3 days.

For legal departure in case of a loss of their national passports on the territory of Ukraine, foreigners should immediately contact the issuing organization, as well as their countries' embassies in Ukraine, in order to receive temporary documents to make their return.

When a false personal (or any other provided) data of a Ukrainian visa applicant is discovered, border crossing may be denied to that foreigner persons by competent authorities.

For foreigners, registration inserts are added to travel documents at checkpoints. The insert should be provided to border guard services and will significantly simplify the entire procedure.

Remember, by following these rules you significantly reduce your time spent on border-crossing formalities.

The full version of passport control rules in airports is available on the website of the State border Guard Service of Ukraine.