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Customs clearance

You have the right to choose your customs control corridor, depending on the nature of your import:

GREEN (if you import personal belongings):

  • two cell phones, one video camera, one photo camera, two laptops;
  • sporting gear and clothing;
  • personal jewelry, previously used;
  • clothing, shoes for personal use;
  • 500 ml. of toiletry and/or 100 ml. of perfumes;
  • other items for personal use;
  • presents, with overall value less than 1000 Euros;
  • cash in UAH or foreign currencies, equivalent to no more than 10000 Euros per person;
  • alcohol: 1 liter of strong beverages and spirits (vodka, cognac, whiskey, etc.); 2 liters of wine; 5 liters of beer; 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 gr. total tobacco;
  • food for personal purposes, for a sum no more than 200 Euros (in the original retail packages) — 1 package of an each product, no more than 2 kg. each. For  one-piece, ready-for-use products - 1 unit/package each;
  • medicine, no more than 5 packages of one drug per person (except those containing narcotic and psychotropic substances), or not exceeding the prescription amount (you should have a prescription with you, issued on your name, signed and sealed by competent specialists and healthcare institutions).

The procedure is simplified, as passing through "green corridors" is completely declaration-free. The cash, goods, alcohol, tobacco, food, medicine norms are given per person and 24 hours.

Remember, by choosing "green corridors" you state your don't have declarable items, chargeable, banned and limited-import goods in your luggage.

RED (if goods you import require permits and declaring of any kind):

  • explosives and ammunition;
  • rarities and art pieces;
  • weapons;
  • radioactive materials;
  • poisons, drugs, narcotic substances;
  • flora and fauna objects;
  • goods of value less than 1000 Euros (if imported more than once per 24 hours), or more than 1000 Euros;
  • cash in UAH or foreign currencies, equivalent to more than 10000 Euros per person;
  • precious metals and gems, both in original appearance and jewelry;
  • pets (only allowed with veterinary certificates of the origin country);
  • other items, as provided by the current legislation of Ukraine;

Red corridor customs procedure requires signing a declaration and paying fees for exceeding fixed amounts for the certain products and goods.

Taxes and fees:

For products valued below 1000 Euros (if imported repeatedly more than once per 24 hours), or between 1000 and 10000 Euros - 10% import duty tax and VAT shall apply.

For goods valued over 10000 Euros - full stake Ukrainian Customs Tariff and VAT shall apply.

Taxes are applied based on the calculation of the value of the goods, thus you should provide all necessary pay bills, product labels and other financial information. If you lack some of these, customs officers will evaluate the goods on the basis of prices of identical and similar products. Please provide accurate information of the goods, pricing and quantities of your import.

Customs clearance rights and duties in international airports:

Passengers have the right to:

  • receive procedure-related explanations and clarifications;
  • choose either verbal or written declaration format, choose between "red" and "green" lanes;
  • be present during the inspection of their imported goods and belongings;
  • call for respect for personal dignity, fair and respectful attitude from customs officials.

Passengers are obliged to:

  • on demand of a customs officer, provide goods for control and declaring, together with all necessary information and papers;
  • declare goods on demand, fill out the customs declaration;
  • pay all the necessary taxes and duties, as provided by the current legislation.

Customs officers have the right to:

  • demand for documents, confirming passengers' right to cross the customs border with merchandise, items, goods and currency;
  • carry out inspection of the imported goods;
  • in exceptional cases, conduct personal inspection of passengers;
  • demand for filling out and signing customs declarations;
  • deny import and/or customs clearance of the transported goods;
  • evaluate the transported goods in case passengers lack financial documentation.

Customs officers are obliged to:

  • show high level of professionalism, culture and tolerance; prevent violations of professional discipline, rude and non-tacit attitude to passengers;
  • provide passengers with all necessary procedure-related explanations and clarifications;
  • control the declaring process, proper documentation design and taxes charging;
  • provide passengers with written notices on the reasons for denial of export and/or customs clearance of the transported goods and belongings.

Please note that the following acts are considered and treated as violations of the customs regime and may result in administrative sanctions, penalties and confiscations of your goods:

  • you pass through "green corridors" with the amount of certain products exceeding the non-taxable norms of their transportation; also having restricted or limited-import goods in your luggage;
  • your declaration miss information on all the goods you have in your luggage (quantity, type, price, etc.);
  • you conceal something either among your personal belongings or in a specially designed stash, or provided customs officers with false, counterfeit or illegally received documents;
  • you try to avoid declaring and inspection by bribing or entering into illegal conspiracy with customs officers.

Please note that importing attempts of the following items (without properly arranged permissions) is considered and treated as illegal contraband and may cause heavy criminal liabilities (up to your imprisonment and confiscation of the listed items):

  • items of cultural value;
  • poisons and other hazardous substances, capable of causing damage to living organisms;
  • weapons and ammunition (except hunting weapons and ammo);
  • technical means for secret information retrieval (spy cameras, spy microphones, etc);
  • explosive materials and charges;
  • radioactive substances and materials;
  • drugs and narcotic substances (hemp, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc.), psychedelic drugs (LSD), other chemical substances with similar effects (or their components), counterfeit medicines.

Items banned from import to Ukraine:

  • merchandise and personal belongings, for which passengers lack additional permissions (licenses, certificates, etc.);
  • intended for free circulation within the country, in any amounts and quantities: live animals, products of animal and vegetable origin, ready-made food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, vinegar, tobacco and its substitutes, fats, oils, etc.

You may find the full and actualized version of the above stated rules and provisions on the website of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.